Blood Moon - Moonstoned Series

Blood Moon - Moonstoned Series


Unisex pendant featuring a fiery Monarch Opal crescent moon atop of a large quartz point. This opal exhibits the fiery red when the light hits it right, I tried to show how neutral it is without direct light, allowing this piece to pretty much be worn with anything! :) (1st photo shows the fire, second and third photos are without)

It's impossible to capture everything that is happening inside this Monarch Opal which was cut by a lapidary artist in the USA. This opal is lab grown, but don't let that dissuade you on this beauty if you prefer natural stones. These opals are grown like natural opals grow in Silica Dioxide layers and is a process that takes about a year to complete. I think they are little galaxies and I love working with these beauties!

Electroformed in copper for 28+ hours. Completed on an adjustable 20" copper chain necklace.

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