The Divine Decoder II

The Divine Decoder II

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Wearable art. Absolute one of a kind necklace for the modern mystic. Hands immortalized in copper adorned in a carnelian bracelet along with peridot and carnelian rings, holding a beautiful Monarch Opal planchette. It's impossible to capture everything that is happening inside this artisan cut Monarch Opal which was cut by a lapidary artist in the USA. I have several pictures to help show the flash in this beauty. This opal is lab grown, but don't let that dissuade you on this beauty if you prefer natural stones. These opals are grown like natural opals grow in Silica Dioxide layers and is a process that takes about a year to complete.  Electroformed in copper for 36+ hours. 

Available on 20" adjustable copper chain necklace.

Please take note how this pendant sets in the first couple of pictures. As you can see, the planchette sits tilted up a little bit. Please be certain of your purchase before ordering.

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