Sunset Aura Luna Moth

Sunset Aura Luna Moth


Luna moths represent rebirth, renewal of body and spirit, regeneration and may even symbolize the soul itself. The Moth symbolizes a very pure form of a spiritual pursuit. It is the pursuit of light and the joy of being entertained by the light. This light is the light of all things good and pleasurable. The moth bathes in that light and gets its energy from it.

This gorgeous Luna Moth is comprised of sunset aura druzy and quartz hindtails. Several pictures were taken to attempt to show the colors shifting from pink to gold, so difficult to capture! The iridescent, color-shifting facets are created by heating precious metals (gold, titanium, or platinum) within a vacuum. These precious metals bond with the molecular structure of the quartz, which gives this crystal added spiritual and healing properties.

Electroformed in copper for 24+ hours and available on adjustable 20” copper chain.

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