Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse


Artisan cut Picasso Jasper wicked crescent moon paired perfectly with a dreamy moss agate resulting in this match made in heaven! Moss agate gets its name from its dendritic inclusions of iron or manganese that grow in patterns resembling lichen or moss. Picasso Jasper is a unique gemstone mined out of Utah that is actually a metamorphic limestone and not jasper.

Spiritually, the lunar eclipse is known for helping one to engage the energies of release and usher in new changes. If we are to make real change in our lives, we must be conscious of our emotions and feelings. By honoring and recognizing ourselves and the natural rhythms of life, we can step into a new way of being. A way of being that honors the cycles of the moon and the seasons of change and growth in our lives which enables us to have greater peace and harmony in our everyday lives.

Electroformed in pure copper for 24+ hours. Available on adjustable 18” copper chain necklace.

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